«Aspect of Security» company profile

«Aspect of Security» company provides full range of services for design, supply, installation and start-up, repair and maintenance of security systems for buildings and structures. Our customers get complete set of services from one source that delivers also our total responsibility for the result. Our key principles are: individual approach to each customer, transparent pricing and our adherence to the tradition of quality.

We have good engineering team, which has big experience in security systems design. Installation team can perform installation and start-up of any complexity solutions at the sites, including the highly dangerous and unique ones. Service team provides high quality service, support and maintenance. Our customers are always confident that «Aspect of Security» delivers complete and quality solution within the agreed timeframe.

«Aspect of security» has all the necessary licenses required for working in the field of system integration of engineering systems in Russia, which certify the competence and the right to work on the installation, support and maintenance of integrated security systems. All specialists, engaged to conduct special operations have all the appropriate approvals and permits.

Our mission

We build high-quality engineering security systems, which deliver efficient work of the security services, which is the key to the safe operation of the entire enterprise.

Advantages of «Aspect of security», as a system integrator

A distinctive feature of «Aspect of security» is a comprehensive approach to security. We are always ready to offer you more than you want - on the basis of each individual case and their extensive experience. Application of copyright of research and development allows us to create unique integrated solutions of any complexity. As practice shows, the result of an integrated approach is not only the building an easy-to-use automated systems, but also a significant reduction in future operating costs.

  • We provide complete solutions at different levels of complexity in the development, integration, and automation of engineering security systems;
  • We have a wide range of ready to use scalable engineering solutions for security systems, we perform design of stand-alone operation modes for such systems;
  • We will purchase, perform customs clearance, deliver, install and start-up your pre-ordered equipment;
  • We have our own patented security solutions, which do not have any similarity in Russia;
  • Good financial stability of our company guarantees many years seamless service for the installed systems;
  • Our employees have over 10 years experience in the establishment and maintenance of security systems.

Experience and our customers

Qualification and many years experience of people working for the company could hardly be overestimated. There are over 1000 installations of security solutions on their account today: gold mining, refining plants, cycle power generation companies, some objects of the Ministry of Defense, gas mining, petrochemical and metallurgical industries, commercial banks, government agencies, theaters, concert halls and cinema centers, museums, exhibition halls, stadiums and many other facilities. We perform in sports, industrial and warehouse complexes, shopping, hotels and attractions, cultural, educational, medical and care institutions. Our experts have a wealth of experience to solve both simple and non-standard engineering applications. With more than 10 years of experience, we can provide our customers with affordable prices for equipment, components, materials and service, while keeping highest level of quality for the entire project including start-up.


Because of a branch office in Krasnoyarsk city, we can quickly and flexibly solve complex issues of supply and installation in almost any region of Russia.

«Aspect of security» today — is a high professional strong team having a unique expertise in the design and deploying of integrated engineering security solutions. We are the company of like-minded people, who understand their responsibility and importance of tasks entrusted to them. We understand that confidence is a key stone in building long-term relationships with customers. While building modern reliable engineering security systems and providing highest level service we always achieve the expected results. Repeat business with the same customers - is the best measure of success for us.

If you have any questions, you can contact our specialists by phone listed on the site. Our experts would listen for your needs and provide you with the best possible solution.

Direct line to top management is always open for any suggestions, comments or comply: +7 (916) 060-0220

«Aspect of security» company

Address: 111033, Russia, Moscow, Slobodskoy pereulok, 6.
Phone: +7 (495) 585-0592, +7 (495) 544-1696
Fax: +7 (495) 956-7009
E-mail: asec@asec.ru
Website: www.asec.ru

Branch in Krasnoyarsk city

Address: 660062 Russia, Krasnoyarsk, ul. Televizornaya, 1, page 9.
Complex «Mix-Max», 3rd block, 4th floor
Tel. / Fax: +7 (391) 290-0123
Email: sales.krsk@asec.ru